This application of facial recognition is very surprising

Face recognition is often used and can be very useful. In the future this will be used more and more. Have your face scanned before checking in at the plane letting you know if someone is looking at your phone or even checking if you are paying attention in class .

An unexpected application of facial recognition, but certainly an addition, is the selection of an egg donor for women who can not have children themselves.

Anonymous egg donor

Women who are looking for an egg donor are often concerned with the question: How will my child look? In the case of anonymous banks, the doctors have the responsibility to find a donor that matches the appearance of the woman who wants an egg donation. They then look at length, hair color, eye color and skin color. Matching the face is subjective and based on the choice of the doctor.

Ovomatch has found a new way of matching. Using facial recognition, women can search their ‘ideal’ donor via an app.


With the app women only have to make a selfie. The algorithm scans the face at 100 points. Then the donors are selected who already agreed in appearance. This makes them even more similar.

The app sends the outcome to the linked IVF center to possibly plan a donation. Ovobank ensures that the egg cells end up at the center. The popularity of the app is growing faster and faster, also internationally.

Would the children actually resemble the mother? Or would it ultimately remain a matter of subjectivity? Interesting questions, where the answers might never be given. It will also differ per situation.


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