Star Citizen has raised more than $300 million

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Space game Star Citizen has now passed the $300 million mark. This amount was raised through crowdfunding. Since 2012, it has been possible to give money for the development of the game.

At the time of writing, the counter stands at 300,842,051 million dollars, converted about 267 million euros. That amount is formed by the donations of a total of 2,713,804 interested parties. In December last year, the counter was still at 251 million dollars.

There was a clear peak in May: more than $ 15 million was raised in that month. Never before has so much money been committed to the mega project in a month. That peak was probably related to an 11-day period in which the game was free to play. That period ended on June 1.

Interested parties can purchase a Starter Pack for $45 to get started with the game. Star Citizen is currently in an alpha phase in version 3.9. A separate single player story in the form of Squadron 42 is also in the works; a beta of this should be released in the third quarter of this year, according to the current schedule on the game’s website.

In 2012, the crowdfunding campaign for the development of space mmo Star Citizen began. Players can still pledge money. This can be done by buying the alpha version of the game and by spending money on virtual spaceships in the game. Prices start at a few tens of dollars and can go up to thousands of dollars.

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