Stadia users complain about passcodes not yet received

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Several players who have previously ordered the Founder’s Edition of Google’s game streaming service Stadia are complaining that they have not yet received the access codes to use the service. According to Google, this concerns a very small part of the Stadia access codes.

Google reports on Reddit that it is known that some users who pre-ordered that Founder’s Edition may not have received their codes yet. The company says it has identified an issue where a “small fraction of Stadia passcodes were sent that don’t work.” Google says that this issue has been addressed and that it has continued to release the codes, in the order of the original orders.

In the same Reddit thread, quite a few Stadia buyers complain that they still haven’t received an email with the access codes, while in some cases the controllers have already arrived. There are also players for which that hardware is not yet available.

Stadia has been available since Tuesday, and on an official support page, Google states that the Founder’s Edition will allow guaranteed access on release day. In a message on Twitter Google now seems to indicate that players can also receive their codes in the course of Wednesday. A player reports on Reddit that Google’s support department reports that he will receive his code within 24 to 48 hours.

It recently emerged that Google’s paid variant of the streaming service, Stadia Pro, does not render all games in a 4k resolution. Bungie states that Destiny 2 will be rendered in 1080p with Medium settings and will be scaled up to 4k, which is also true for other games. Stadia is also free to use, with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and frame rate up to 60fps achievable. Games must be purchased separately.

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