SpaceX talks with airlines about in-flight Wi-Fi via Starlink

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SpaceX is in talks with several airlines to offer in-flight Wi-Fi through its Starlink satellites. Starlink Vice President Jonathan Hofeller said this during a panel discussion.

At the Connected Aviation Intelligence Summit, Hofeller spoke about the future of Starlink, writes The Verge . In addition to expanding SpaceX’s satellite internet service in rural areas, the service also wants to offer Wi-Fi in aircraft. Hofeller said that SpaceX is “in talks with several airlines” and that it is developing its “own aviation product”. That should be in airplanes in the ‘near future’.

The Starlink service should be fully operational later this year. About 1,800 of the 4,400 Starlink satellites have already been launched. With the latter number, the company hopes to have global broadband internet coverage.

It is not the first time that the possibility of offering Starlink internet on board aircraft has been hinted at. For example, in November last year it became clear that SpaceX was testing in-flight Wi-Fi onboard Gulfstream jets and in March this year it received permission from the US telecoms authority FCC to allow Starlink internet to be used on board trucks, boats and planes. to work.

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