Soviet shooter Atomic Heart releases on February 21 for PC, PS and Xbox

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Atomic Heart, an action-RPG adventure game set in an alternate Soviet Union in the 1950s, will be released on February 21 next year. It is a violent game in which the player has to compete against a network that consists of many robots.

Atomic Heart can perhaps be described as a retrofuturistic adventure game in which a lot of shooting and fighting has to be done and in which RPG elements also present themselves. The game takes place in an alternate reality: the Soviet Union of 1955. Advanced robots defeated the Germans in 1941. Partly due to the many victims of the war, automation represents much of the required workforce. A technical revolution has already taken place; the internet already exists. The robots gradually start to rebel and are deployed in a coordinated manner via a neural network. As a player, you take on the role of an unstable KGB agent who must investigate a factory that has been shut down due to an accident. It is important to survive here and to contain the consequences of the accident.

The trailer is a succession of fast, short action scenes with plenty of violence. These include mutated scientists, masked Soviet soldiers and hostile robots. The player has to fight a lot, with both melee and firearms available, as well as superhuman abilities coming from the special combat glove. According to the Russian developer Mundfish, everything can be used as a weapon and you have to pay close attention to the environment and what enemies do. Partly because of this, every fight will be different, according to the studio. Weapons are also upgradeable and hacking allows the player to break into facilities undetected. The latter is not an unnecessary luxury; if you are discovered above or below ground, reinforcements will come from a nearby factory.

Atomic Heart was announced back in 2018 and seems to have been inspired by games like those from the Wolfenstein series, BioShock and Stalker. The game appears on steam and in the Windows Store and comes out on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series consoles.

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