Soundcloud introduces personalized playlist that refreshes weekly

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Music streaming service Soundcloud has announced a new personalized playlist called Soundcloud Weekly. This refreshes weekly and contains songs based on what users listen and share.

Users are offered a fresh playlist every Monday, writes Soundlcoud in his announcement . This list can be found in the discover- part of the service. The function thus closely resembles the Discover Weekly playlist of competitor Spotify, which also gives users of that streaming service a personalized playlist every Monday. According to Soundcloud there will be original songs, DJ sets and mixes in the new playlist.

An editor of The Verge notes that her playlist mash-ups and edits contains Soundclouds violate their own terms, because they use music from others. Users are not allowed to upload numbers that they do not own, according to the terms of the service. The company responded to the site by stating that it uses licenses from rightholders in combination with the fact that it is not responsible for what users upload. It says to respond quickly to takedown requests.

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