Sony puts complete new movie on YouTube instead of trailer

There is someone at Sony Pictures who has something to explain. Instead of the trailer of new film Khali the Killer being put on YouTube, the entire film accidentally ended up on the video site. The trailer was meant to indicate that the film is now available digitally and on DVD, but a lot of people have already been able to view the German crime film that takes place in LA!

Logically, the film is now taken offline and there is only one not working link left, because the video has not been replaced with the right trailer. The film was published in Germany in 2017 but was not yet available in the US. The cinema release is only there in two months, but I had never heard of it. If you look at the following ‘review’ of someone who thought to watch a trailer and was presented with an entire movie, that is not surprising: the film does not seem to be very interesting.

Not accidentally leaked?

That makes it right for conspiracy theories: did they do this at Sony on purpose to give the film more attention? The film has been online for long enough to be watched, but the film was already available on YouTube Movies and so an illegal rip is likely to have been made long, if anyone has ever bothered to do so. to do. This seems like a huge B-movie, so why it would appear in cinemas anyway is also not clear. Otherwise, look at the real trailer (in German) to see what I mean.

Apart from that, it requires a huge stupidity or inattention to upload a complete movie to YouTube instead of a trailer. So someone is fired for coarse failure, or someone gets a compliment because so much publicity for a film is generated that does not necessarily deserve it at first glance.


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