Sony opens beta testing program for PS5 system software in some countries

Sony is making it possible for PS5 users to sign up for a beta program to test early system software for the console. The program is not open to users in the Benelux.

This is the first PS5 system software beta program that Sony is opening. The company is asking users to participate so that new console features can be tested before they appear before “the next major system update later this year.” Sony does not provide further information about this major update that would follow later this year.

Interested parties can register for the program. They must be at least eighteen years old and located in the United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, France or Germany. In addition, interested parties must “provide full and accurate feedback to Sony Interactive Entertainment regarding the use of the beta software. Registering does not guarantee admission.

The last major PlayStation 5 system update came in April and introduced the ability to transfer PS5 games from internal storage to USB-connected external drives, among other things. There was also an option to only enable HDR with games that support it and improved 120Hz support for PC monitors that can combine this refresh rate with a 1080p resolution.