Software Update: WinSCP 5.19

Version 5.19 of WinSCP has been released. This open source program allows files to be copied between two computers in a secure way. The program supports ftp, secure ftp and the older scp protocol. WinSCP is not only available as a standalone program, but also as a plug-in for the FAR and Altap Salamander programs . Below is the changelog since 5.18.5 RC.

Changes in WinSCP 5.19

  • When installing an extension from a URL , not saving the extension with BOM.
  • Not aborting “Keep remote directory up to date” function when connection is lost while deleting files or looking for differences and the session is reconnected. 1994
  • Bug fix: When handling URL in an existing WinSCP instance, session settings from a stored site named after the URL hostname are not used. 1992
  • Bug fix: It was possible to move toolbar on progress windows.
  • Bug fix: When installing an extension from a file, it is always saved in UTF-8 with BOM, disregarding the original encoding. 1993
  • Bug fix: When “Keep remote directory up to date” function was started from command-line, disconnects were not detected.
  • Bug fix: When connection was lost and not reconnected, the “Keep remote directory up to date” window was not closed.

Changes in WinSCP 5.18.6 RC

  • XML parser upgraded to Expat 2.4.1.
  • Installer upgraded to Inno Setup 6.2.0.
  • Using multipart uploads with S3 protocol on Google Cloud as it is supported there now.
  • Bug fix: Broken layout of Properties dialog when opening on a secondary display with high DPI primary display. 1990
  • Bug fix: The “Drag & drop shell extension” installation component was not showing its size.
  • Bug fix: When saving a local file, the “Saving” status on the Internal editor status bar is never cleared.
  • Bug fix: No error message is sometimes shown when SFTP server disconnects. 1991
Version number 5.19
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website WinSCP
File size 10.88MB
License type GPL