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Sony keeps taking Fortnite accounts to Xbox or Switch block

Sony continues to make it impossible to bring a Fortnite account to a Microsoft Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. As a result, players who have ever logged onto a PS4 can not take their account and associated purchases to another console.

Taking an account to iOS, Android or a Windows PC is possible, but Sony is blocking Fortnite -accounts to the Xbox or Switch and will continue to do so, writes the BBC . Crossplay between other consoles and a PS4 is also not possible, while players of the PS4 can do crossplay with users of a PC, Android and iOS.
Sony gives no reason to continue blocking the taking of accounts and keeps it a general statement about how many people use the PS4. “We are always open to hear what the PlayStation community is interested in to improve the gaming experience.” This feedback has so far been that many people have asked to no longer keep the Fortnite accounts “hostage” on the PS4.
The subject is on the agenda, because Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch came out this week . Epic Games announced this week that there are 125 million players. The game came out a year ago

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