Bully Playstation also blocks Fortnite cross-play for Switch

The players are not happy and that is an understatement. Since two days ago during the E3 was announced by Nintendo that incredibly popular shooting game Fortnite was also available immediately on the Nintendo Switch was available more than two million copies of the game downloaded. However, there was a nasty surprise waiting for players who have a Switch and a Playstation 4 .

Sony has made it impossible to use an account that is also used on the PS4 on the Switch. This also applies to the Xbox One. Fortnite is free, but if you have an account with purchased or earned extras, they can not be used and you have to create a completely new account, only to play on the Switch. That’s damn annoying, but Nintendo immediately said that it was not theirs.

Sony thinks mostly of itself

There is a certain logic behind Sony’s choice not to make cross-play (playing together between different consoles that have the same game). Playstation is the largest platform worldwide and they themselves have no advantage of to open that up to playing with people with a different console. Mobile players and PC players are not included in this story, but more and more games support cross-play and all other platforms understand that people find it best to play together, even if they have made a different purchase years ago. gaming.

Minecraft, Rocket League and a lot of other popular games support cross-play and everyone plays together nicely, except people with a PS4. They are slowly starting to get more and more annoyed by Sony’s position, but this Fortnite story is the first time that you as PS4 player are literally punished because you have dared to buy another console, or because you are ever Fortnite on the PS4 has played. Well, game fans are not mild on their best day, but this decision makes people furious. Sony is not interested in anything else, according to a statement that they made in response to the swelling criticism. They still stick their heads in the sand, but if the console history has taught us one thing, it is that arrogance will always be punished, so they will have to give in once.

It is possible, but we do not want to

The annoying thing is that there is no technical problem at all that prevents cross-play. In fact, exactly Fortnite initially had a cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One. Epic Games has turned off the function after a few hours and claimed that it was a “” that caused the possibility to play together, but the ongoing theory is that they just wanted to see if it all worked , against the wish of Sony. Ironically, the Xbox One is the only console on which the ‘not with the competitor’ argument goes a bit further, but most people who want to play on a Switch Fortnite do that when they’re not sitting in front of a TV, especially when they’re there. also have a PS4.

Or yes, everything is actually annoying about this story. Millions of people just want to play together, the developers like that and make it possible and Playstation just says “no”. Because it’s possible. Because no one can force them. Because they have (even) advantage. In a future where the platform on which you play games is becoming less and less important, Playstation with this haughty attitude is already setting itself aside. Hopefully they are still working.