Sony CEO: PlayStation Plus can help optimize games lifecycle

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A Sony CEO says that game developers can optimize the lifecycle of their game via PlayStation Plus. Sony still believes in a premium release of a game and expects that games will only be available through the subscription service after a few months.

Shuhei Yoshida emphasized during an interview from that the Japanese manufacturer of the PlayStation still believes in the premium release of a game title. Only when sales of a released game fall, according to Yoshida, the time is right to add the game to the online catalog of PlayStation Plus, so that the game still reaches a wide audience.

During the conversation, Yoshida references previous experiences at Sony when he helped manage the lifecycle of films. “A movie first comes out in theaters, then to pay-per-view services or a subscription service, and then to television. Each time, new revenues follow and the title reaches more people,” he says. According to the man, the same philosophy applies to games and Sony encourages game developers to use the company’s subscription services to extend the lifecycle of games.

According to Yoshida, a PlayStation game like Stray is an exception to the rule and is an experiment. This game was released in July for PlayStation consoles and PC. On the PlayStation consoles, the game was immediately included with the Plus Extra and Plus Premium subscriptions.

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