Sony Announces New The Last of Us II and Ghost of Tsushima Release Dates

Sony releases The Last of Us Part II on June 19. That’s about three weeks later than the release date mentioned at the end of last year. Samurai open-world game Ghost of Tsushima will be released on July 17, also about three weeks later than originally promised.

The two games, which will only be released for PlayStation consoles, have been postponed due to the changed working conditions during the corona crisis, Sony reports. However, the distribution possibilities are starting up again and that is why Sony has now published new release dates.

Sony announced in September 2019 that The Last of Us Part II would be released on February 21. Later that year it was announced that this would be postponed to May 29, but in early April this year Sony postponed the game indefinitely. It now appears that the game will be released quite soon after the latter date.

The original release date of Ghost of Tsushima was announced in March this year. Then Sony said the game would be released on June 26. That has now been postponed to July 17. Ghost of Tshusima was announced in 2017 and is made by Sucker Punch. Set in Japan in 1274, the action game revolves around battles between samurai and Mongol soldiers who invade the island of Tsushima.