Solar panel manufacturer warns of material defect in sockets

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The German solar panel manufacturer AS Abwicklung und Solar-Service AG reports that a number of series of solar panels from the Aleo brand contain a manufacturing defect in the sockets. The sockets can become loose exposing the electrical contacts.

The company has put a website online explaining a security warning that has also been published in various newspapers. These are Aleo solar panels of types S_02, S_03 and S_73. Problematic panels can be identified via the serial numbers, the German manufacturer reports.

The danger with these solar panels consists in the fact that sockets, which are attached behind the panels, contain a manufacturing defect. This could break the locking clips and cause the cover to fall off. The electrical contacts exposed pose the risk of a potentially fatal electric shock. When panels are connected in series, the voltage can be up to 1000V. However, the production error would not pose a fire risk, the German testing institute TÜV SÜD has determined.

AS Abwicklung und Solar-Service emphasizes that private individuals should not attempt to carry out repairs themselves, but should call in the installer. Installers would replace the sockets free of charge if an appointment is made.

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