Software Update: WinRAR 3.91

RAR Labs has released the final release of version 3.91 of its RAR and WinRAR archiving tools. The popular compression tool is available for a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The program can handle the most common compression formats, including rar, zip, cab, arj, lzh, tar, gz, ace, uue, bz2, jar, iso, 7z and z; it has a skinnable interface, and support for Zip64 and multi-volume cab files. The main innovation in version 3.91 is support for z-zip archives created with the lzma2 algorithm. The full changelog looks like this:


  • This version can decompress 7-Zip archives created with LZMA2 algorithm.
  • Now a password is requested only once when unpacking 7z archives with encrypted file names from context menu. WinRAR 3.90 asked it twice.
  • This version can unpack tar.bz2 archives consisting of several smaller bz2 streams merged together. Previous versions unpacked only the first nested bz2 stream in such composite archive.
  • WinRAR displays CRC32 or files inside of usual .gz (not .tar.gz) archives. Previous versions left this field blank for GZIP files.

Bug fixed:

  • WinRAR 3.90 displayed “Save” button instead of “Open” or “OK” in “Find archive” dialog (“Open archive” command in “File” menu and “Browse…” command in archiving dialog);
  • WinRAR could display incorrect file names when browsing malformed ZIP archives;
  • WinRAR 3.90 failed to decompress LZH archives created with “-lh7-” algorithm;
  • WinRAR 3.90 could fail to delete a part of files after archiving if delete to Recycle Bin was enabled. This bug was present when working in Windows XP, but not in Windows Vista and Windows 7;
  • when unpacking ISO file using WinRAR “Extract files…” command in Explorer context menu, WinRAR could unpack same archived files twice during the same operation. It displayed the overwrite prompt when unpacking files for the second time;
  • hexadecimal search in WinRAR 3.90 “Find” command and console RAR “ih” command failed to find matches if first byte in search string was greater than 127.

The following downloads are available:
WinRAR 3.91 (32bit)
WinRAR 3.91 (64bit)
RAR 3.91 for MS DOS (info)
RAR 3.91 for Linux (32bit)
RAR 3.91 for Linux (64 bit)
RAR 3.91 for FreeBSD
RAR 3.91 for Mac OS X
RAR 3.91 for Pocket PC
WinRAR interface themes

Version number3.91
Release statusFinal
Operating systemsWindows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, DOS, macOS, OS/2, PocketPC 2002, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Linux AMD64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64 , Windows Server 2008
WebsiteRAR Labs
File sizes 617.00KB – 1.46MB
License typeShareware