Software Update: Wine 1.1.30

A new development build of Wine was released on Friday. Wine is contributed by a large group of developers, which is why it was decided to release a new build every two weeks, instead of waiting for a number of new features to be ready. Wine is an open source implementation of the Windows API. This makes it possible to run DOS and Windows programs on Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X, among others. The database with applications running under Wine, with or without some minor tweaks, contains 12,711 titles at the time of writing, 161 more than when the previous release was released. Below you will find the changes and improvements that have been made this time:

What’s new in this release:

  • Support for OpenAL.
  • Many improvements in HTML and JavaScript support.
  • Many common controls fixes and improvements.
  • More Direct3D 10 work.
  • Better MAPI support.

Bugs fixed in 1.1.30:

  • CreateIcon does not resize bitmaps
  • Unable to right click on TCL windows apps
  • FASMW registers file change upon mouse click
  • ninjam: Enter (return) key does not work
  • Code for undocumented SwitchToThisWindow function does not reflect empirical evidence
  • Settlers 2 10th Anniversary Edition Demo Shader Errors
  • mirc script editor complains about truncated files
  • VB app can’t access database
  • Phantomtest records scripts with too many line breaks
  • Execution of .exe file cause nothing in Servant Salamander
  • RichEdit:Performance issue in opening large files
  • Problem with BDE applications – error $251E.
  • EnigmaSimulator.exe: black client area
  • Weatherbug install stops because of missing wxdist.dll
  • C&C 3 out of memory crashes
  • SecureCRT – Scroll fails on any connection
  • Incredimail install fails on unimplemented function gdiplus.dll.GdipGetImageEncodersSize
  • Starting a Dawn of War: Dark Crusade campaign causes a crash.
  • Wine supplants system menu in child window title bars
  • Offscreen render targets seem to be off by one
  • Oblivion lines in water
  • Wine do no report Pixel Shader 3.0 properly to games
  • Soul Reaver run runs into a problem with wine 0.9.49
  • attempt to save storage snapshot of PalmOS simulator causes crash
  • All chords lyrics aren’t displayed in Guitar Pro 5.X
  • myst4 crashes during startup
  • Flickering green rectangle in Portal game
  • Outpost: Can’t load DIB.DRV followed by an unhandled page fault.
  • Sonic Heroes Demo launcher buttons have glitches
  • Fonts in some games are displayed incorrectly
  • MP3tag – value not set if multiple fields selected
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 fails to install (crash)
  • StrongDC++ hangs at start
  • BIOSHOCK crash when loading second level
  • Soulseek: can’t connect to server
  • quartz: filtermapper.ok test fails in PC-BSD but not in Ubuntu
  • SPSS 16/17, Adobe Audition 2, Framemaker 9 installers fail during file extraction
  • Winecfg : Test Audio Button hangs winecfg
  • Blitzkrieg game crashes on startup
  • Atlantis Quest 1.0 demo hangs on exit
  • gdi32: palette test fails in PC-BSD but not Ubuntu
  • Tray icons won’t appear
  • Quake Live fails to install
  • Corel Painter X needs GdipCreateHBITMAPFromBitmap
  • Far Cry 2 quits when OffscreenRenderingMode=fbo
  • T-72 Balkans in fire demo hangs and sometimes crashes
  • 5 Days A Stranger game encounters a page fault on startup
  • Office XP installer aborts early
  • Cannot get a script function from within a comment node.
  • really long lines fail to import into registery
  • Theocracy “create Directdraw Failed”
  • Prince of Persia (SoT) ingame graphics stutter after Bink video playback
  • Program window shuts down on pressing “Esc”
  • winedbg/be_ppc.c: initialization from incompatible pointer type
  • Flatout 2 network game not working
  • Firefly: crashes trying to load MSVCR90.dll
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: freezes when looking into the sun
  • IE7 error on startup – Cannot find ‘%ws’.
  • Enemy Territory Quake Wars benchmark crashes on startup with a divide by zero error in gdiplus
  • [radeon] FIFA 2004 shows no backgrounds
  • bridgebaseonline crash
  • Problems with H&R Block’s TaxCut 2008
  • Telltale game “Wallace & Grommit” cannot be validated
  • Slingplayer 2.0 unhandled exception in GdipCreateTexture2I
  • Teamviewer 4 crash on Add group of Partner List
  • Redraw problems in idle
  • strtol – errno is not set
  • WebSlingPlayer Firefox fails to connect to Slingbox
  • Flash CS3 crash due to unimplemented function gdiplus.dll.GdipSetPathGradientPresetBlend
  • Oblivion doesn’t quite make it all the way down
  • problem with writing to stdout under MSYS
  • Repeat installation of vcredist_x86.exe (vcrun2005 associated DLLs) deletes them permanently from the winsxs folder
  • Star Trek Armada 2: Graphic’s initiation failed.
  • Thief 2 demo crashes on new game
  • GNU Emacs 22.3 multiple graphical glitches [dogfood]
  • Plants vs Zombies is way too slow
  • WebSlingPlayer Firefox remote doesn’t work
  • Mavis Beacon crashes wine and enabling +relay works as a workaround
  • Battleforge installer quits unexpectedly
  • ‘wine uninstaller’ crashes on launch (appinstall)
  • Men of War crashes on boot
  • mscms: GetStandardColorSpaceProfileW() profile id handling incorrect (LCS_sRGB and LCS_WINDOWS_COLOR_SPACE)
  • NTE Quick Cross 14.0 fails to display icons due to “invalid floating point exception”
  • Visual C++ 2005 Express: building Firefox: mt.exe crashes while linking mkdepend
  • Golden Tiger Casino seems to lock up when init
  • all cygwin apps crash on exit if run outside wineconsole
  • Visual C 2008 redistributable installers fail to start
  • Trine crashes game if joystick connected.
  • Steam client color scheme appears as green/red instead of gray/brown
  • art2kmin needs oledb32.dll.DllRegisterServer
  • Implement CertGetNameString( CERT_NAME_ATTR_TYPE )
  • Inplement HalGetBusDataByOffset to do the same as HalGetBusData
  • NTE Quick Cross 14.0 displays “bitmap image is not valid” message box when opening certain windows
  • joysticks POV doesn’t work when using evdev
  • Oracle IRM Desktop application fails with “error code: 80040325” message box
  • Registax 5 fails
  • After sending EM_SETREADONLY to change edit controls the screen does not get updated
  • Path Problems with SaveDialog
  • Wine applications can’t set a gamma value
  • Incorrectly written in Notepad in italian
  • Grim Fandago Launcher: Invalid floating point operation error
  • Latest wine crashes WoW update downloader

Version number 1.1.30
Release status unstable
Operating systems Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris
Website Wine HQ
File size 15.00MB
License type GPL