Software Update: WindowBlinds 2.12

BLAAT reports that a new version of WindowBlinds has been released. With this program you can tweak the appearance of Windows. You can download the shareware version here. People who have registered can this page use to update. Unfortunately, release notes can’t be found

How would you like to make Windows look like a Mac? Or perhaps a NeXT system? Add a fresh look-and-feel to your PC with WindowBlinds. This novel tray-based utility lets you modify the appearance of windows, buttons, backgrounds, check boxes, and more with “skins.” This version features the ability to even skin menus. The end results go way beyond anything you could do with the Windows Display Properties/Appearance control or conventional desktop themes. WindowBlinds is remarkably easy to use — just check the options you want from the program’s intuitive configuration screen. If you don’t want certain applications’ windows to be customized, you can add them to an exclusions list. Several skin groups are included, with hundreds more freely downloadable from the developer’s Website. Registering provides access to an enhanced version that skins even more portions of Windows, such as progress bars, scroll bars, and tabs.

Version number 2.12
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website WindowBlinds
License type cardware