Software update: NVmax 1.45

xeno writes that a new version of NVmax has been released. As always, the program comes in two flavors; full version and the update† Below is a list of changes:

Same as 1.41 but …

  • Fixed problem whereby settings were not saving.
  • Added debug support form (we can solve problems quicker with this.)
  • Hopefully Windows 95 support has been corrected now.
  • TNT2 best quality preset.
  • Fixed incorrect driver detection in About box.
  • Taskbar location code fix.
  • Native coding – faster operation, like C++
  • Slight interface problem fix.
  • Setup 16Bit color problem fixed.

There are no known problems in this version.

Version number 1.45
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website NVmax