Software Update: WebGUI 7.6.34

WebGUI is a content management system and application framework with which a website can be managed and set up without the need for extensive technical knowledge. The package includes a photo album, a weblog, a forum, an RSS feed generator and a soap frontend. The developers have released version 7.6.34 in the stable branch and are updating it with the following list of changes:

Version 7.6.34:

This release fixes resizing of the CodeArea (used for editing templates), javascript errors in the Matrix, and bad style templates in Folders in the Import node. Two calendar issues have been fixed, making the Calendar more compliant with iCal. Please be sure to read the gotcha about Specter needing a PID file.


  • Specter now works like many other programs and writes a PID file. The location of that file is required to be in your spectre.conf file to start or stop. After installing this version, you will need to manually kill specter and then restart it.


  • fixed #10667: cannot change size of template editor
  • fixed #10692: Unprivileged users can stop spectre
  • fixed a bug where the textarea (based) form plugins would put multiple identical style tags in head in some cases, which caused javascript errors in IE. (Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi)
  • fixed #10720: Calendar iCal dates can exceed the number of days in a month
  • fixed #9850: Calendar Import Incorrect
  • fixed #10721: Invalid/Missing Style TemplateIds in use
  • fixed #10029: Account CSS rule scoping
  • fixed #10641: Matrix Asset – Compare/Search buttons broken in Opera

Version 7.6.33:

This release fixes the Pagination Macro. It will now safely split content, even if it is inside HTML tags. Rendering issues have been fixed with the Product, Calendar, and the Account templates. The Default Gallery Album View Thumbnails template has been reworked to use CSS instead of JS for the thumbnail pop-ups. A bug in the Syndicated Content asset has been fixed, where it had a problem with identifying some URLs. The Duration Form plug-in now does a better job of remembering exact intervals.


  • The Default Gallery Album View Thumbnails template has been reworked to get rid of intermittent rendering bugs with IE7. The thumbnail popup is now completely CSS. The thumbnails.js file is still available, but is now considered deprecated.


  • fixed #10687: i18n Asset_Product::buy_form_options
  • fixed #10651: Dashboard Content positions
  • fixed #10695: Adding a new article creates a new version tag
  • fixed search indexer concatenates keywords to content.
  • fixed #10677: Syndicated Content ???
  • fixed #10590: Session::DateTime->secondsToInterval doesn’t allow 7 weeks
  • fixed #10619: Pagination macro
  • fixed #10596: Dates in calendar wrong offset
  • fixed #10698: hard coded root paths in account templates
  • fixed #10702: Product displays empty brochure, warranty, manual fields
  • fixed #10510: Product Thumbnails overlap Controls
  • fixed #9962: gallery thumbnail view: JS problem in IE7

Version 7.6.32:

This release fixes many bugs in the Shop, in the Product, in Shipping and Payment plugins and the Shelf. The Zip Archive has been enhanced to accept archives with subdirectories. The Database Link Admin Console was fixed.


  • Fix template not found diagnostics.
  • fixed #10637: shelf displays assets it shouldn’t
  • fixed #10668: shop pay drivers
  • fixed Pay Drivers update their objects
  • fixed #10658: Delete in Story Archive doesn’t delete in Story Topic
  • fixed #10671: shop checkout address copy broken
  • fixed #10660: Crud doesn’t like 0
  • fixed #10678: i18n in WebGUI::versionTags.icon
  • fixed #10686: Can’t access Database Links
  • fixed #10650: Unflatten WebGUI storage locations
  • fixed a bug where VersionTag->get would return an unsafe copy of its state ( Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi )
  • fixed a bug in My Purchases where in store credit would not be taken into account in the overview yielding zero or neagtive transaction amounts on the screen. (Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi)
  • fixed #10643: Products: Pictures gone

Version number 7.6.34
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX
Website Plain Black Corporation
License type GPL