Software Update: VNC 3.3.3 Release 9

AT&T Laboratories Cambridge released release 9 of VNC 3.3.3. This popular open source package can be used to manage machines remotely. VNC, Virtual Network Computing, is only 1 MB in size, applicable for almost all operating systems and free to use. The version for Windows can be found here, all others can be found on this one download page.

The following bugs have been fixed in this latest release:

New in Windows package 3.3.3 r9

  • Fixed a bug introduced in R8, which broke the AuthHosts feature.
  • The WinVNC.log file is now moved to WinVNC.log.bak on startup if already present.

Version number 3.3.3 Release 9
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website AT&T Laboratories Cambridge