Software update: Opera 5.10

Valkenier reports that Opera has released version 5.10 of its free browser. In this new version Flash is baked in and there is better support for DOM and CSS. You can find some other new options at this page

The new version is available in two flavors. A version without Java support can be found here (2.24 MB). And the version with java can be found here (9.74 MB). Below is the abbreviated changelog:


  • Support for the XHTML namespace
  • Improved Javascript support for JS objects and form controls
  • Improved ECMAScript regexp object
  • Improved support for HTML event handlers
  • Changes in NOSCRIPT to be in compliance with HTML
  • Support for the deprecated S element
  • Support for CSS system colors and better color handling

News and e-mail

  • Improved news and email handling
  • Better and more configurable email/news message interface

File Transfer

  • Improvements in the SSL handling of certificates
  • Improvements in FTP

Version number 5.10
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website Opera