Software Update: VLC Media Player 2.1.5

Version 2.1.5 of VLC Media Player has been released. This open source and cross-platform media player can play various audio, video and streaming formats without having to install the appropriate codec. There is also a version for Windows. The source code should also make the program usable for operating systems such as Linux, BSD and Solaris. A version for Android is in development.

In version 2.1.0, which with RinceWind just like the previous version to a character from the Discworldbooks by Terry Pratchett, work has been done to improve sound reproduction and playback of new and old non-standard file formats, among other things. We also see the return of the iOS version, it is intended that the program will also appear for Windows RT and the first steps have been taken to support UHD material. The changelog for version 2.1.5 can be found below:


  • Fix compilation on OS/2


  • Stability improvements for the QTSound capture module

Mac OS X audio output:

  • Fix channel ordering
  • Increase the buffer size


  • Fix DxVA2 decoding of samples needing more surfaces
  • Improve MAD resistance to broken mp3 streams
  • Fix PGS alignment in MKV

Qt Interface:

  • Don’t rename mp3 converted files to .raw

Mac OS X Interface:

  • Correctly support video on top
  • Fix video output event propagation on Macs with retina displays
  • Stability improvements when using future VLC releases side by side


  • Fix transcode when audio format changes

Security content:

  • Updated GnuTLS to 3.1.25 (CVE-2014-3466)
  • Updated libpng to 1.6.10 (CVE-2014-0333)


  • Update British English

Version number 2.1.5
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, Windows Vista, iOS, Windows 8
Website VideoLAN
License type GPL