Software Update: Transmission 1.71

The developers of Transmission had to release a successor shortly after the release of version 1.70, because not everything worked as intended. Transmission is a platform independent lightweight open source Bittorrent client with a simple interface. The program was developed for use under Mac OS X, but the download page also includes versions for Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD. Version 1.70 turned out to use a lot of processing power in some cases and there were also problems with DHT and libevent. Below is the full list of issues fixed in this release:

All Platforms

  • Fix 1.70 bug that caused high CPU use in high-peer swarms
  • Fix 1.70 build problems with DHT and libevent


  • Fix watchdir issue on OSes that don’t have inotify


  • Fix 1.70 intltool build problem
  • Fix crash when the OS’s stock mime-type icons are misconfigured
  • Handle very long torrent file lists faster

Web Client

  • Fix 1.70 bug where some torrents appeared to be duplicates

Version number 1.71
Release status Final
Operating systems BSD, macOS, Solaris
Website Transmission
File size 4.42MB
License type GPL