Software Update: Total Commander 7.55 RC 3

Christian Ghisler released a new release candidate of version 7.55 of Total Commander on Thursday. This program can be used as a replacement for Windows Explorer. Splitting the image in half makes it easy to copy files, but the program can do much more. There are various ways to modify files, there is a built-in ftp client and a multi-rename tool and there is support for a large number of compression formats. Furthermore, the functionality with plugins be expanded.

New in version 7.55 is, among other things, the possibility to specify options before the copying process starts. Furthermore, files can be exchanged between two computers via a special USB cable and various improvements have been made to the FTP part. Also, many more processes can now run in the background. This leaves the main program available for other things and archive files can now also be opened in virtual directories. It was actually the intention to release the final release, but due to a bug in the Windows 7 firewall, part of the ftp module had to be rewritten and there is now a new test version. Below you can find everything that has changed since RC2.


  • Synchronize dirs with FTP when files with same name but different case exist: Find exact name match, eg index.htm on both sides, and allow to sync them
  • HTML Help: All links to external web pages now open separately in the default browser
  • Synchronize dirs with FTP when files with same name but different case exist, eg index.htm + INDEX.HTM -> just show these files in red and ignore them (can be viewed or deleted)
  • Support HASH command (MD5 and SHA-1 only) if announced via FEAT command
  • Synchronize dirs: Allow to open “compare by content” via right click menu or Ctrl+F3 even when file exits on only one side (was requested to compare file with user-chosen other)


  • Synchronize dirs: Problem with packing to 7zip archives (with plugin), could result in duplicate files
  • Increased maximum number of custom hints from 20 to 100, increased saving speed (when using a virus scanner)
  • F5 copy from archive to Desktop had stopped working again (refresh must be done manually)
  • Also play just a default beep in “Compare by content” when user presses Ctrl+C and nothing is selected
  • Tree view in one of the two main panels: F7 created dir on Desktop instead of in the directory under the cursor (only works in real directories)
  • Play just a default beep in Lister when user presses Ctrl+C and nothing is selected (Reason: Some translation programs seem to send Ctrl+C to Lister!)
  • Synchronize dirs: No subdirectory headers were shown when using “Only selected” with some selected dirs, but “Recurse subdirs” turned off (which compares files in these dirs, but not their subdirs)
  • With VistaDelete=1, the file list wasn’t refreshed if at least one file couldn’t be deleted (because VistaDelete returned an ERROR)
  • USB Port connection: When directory download was aborted immediately before the server sent the SIZE command, no other directories could be listed for a few seconds
  • Bugfix from 24.05.10 when deleting with VistaDelete=1 wasn’t working when deleting very large image files (dialog takes longer to appear)
  • In the ftp connection details dialog, when typing ftps:// , the cursor was jumping to the start of the line when the SSL checkbox was checked
  • Call Application.Terminate instead of Halt when user clicks on “No” in plugin exception dialog to avoid double error
  • FTP: Make sure the reconnected path is the same as before when continuing a transfer
  • Compare by contents: Could not abort the comparison for the interactive display (only the initial comparison with progress dialog)
  • FTP: Auto-reconnect on uploads and downloads when the control connection is lost (eg caused by a bug in the Windows 7 firewall when using FTPS)
  • Handle faulty FTP servers returning incomplete reply to FEAT or HELP SITE command (missing last line starting with 3 digit number) via 5 second timeout
  • Multi-rename tool on FTP server: Allow to reconnect if connection is lost while renaming
  • Files – Change attributes: “Change date/time” checkbox wasn’t always checked when clicking on “Load from file under cursor”
  • When deleting with VistaDelete=1, ignore the “Cancel” button until after the dialog “Do you want to delete..” has been shown
  • Renaming a directory while showing separate tree could hang TC when Shift+F6 was pressed while the tree was still being updated
  • CRC check dialog didn’t use user-defined TC icon (via iconlib option in wincmd.ini)
  • Choosing Ctrl+F – New connection – Anonymous crashed on Windows 2000
  • Switch from a tab with fs plugin custom columns view to tab with thumbs view, turn off thumbs view -> plugin custom columns were enabled also on local drive
  • Could not abort reading of extremely long directory via port connection (when server sends WAIT commands)
  • TC hangs when trying to unpack 0 byte file created by packer izarcc (reason: compression is set to bzip2, but no data present)
  • TcUsbRun.exe not adding menu items to insert notification dialog on Vista x64 -> need to write to 64-bit registry branch
  • Synchronize dirs: Main window could become accessible when synchronizing via port connection
  • Synchronize dirs: Copying was aborted immediately when trying to sync after aborting compare by content (so some [?] results remained)
  • When copying NTFS permissions, also copy the state of the “inherit” flag (whether rights should be inherited from the parent or not)

A list of additions and corrections, also for previous versions, can be found here.

Total Commander 7.55 beta 1 screenshot. Click on the image for a larger version.

Version number 7.55 RC 3
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website ghisler
file size 3.09MB
License type Shareware