Firmware Update: Mede8er MED500X 3.0.2

Mede8er released version 3.0 of the firmware for its MED500X media player earlier this week. Unfortunately, this one was not tested well enough, because there were still some problems in it. There is a topic about this media player on the GoT, in which more information can be found and opinions can be shared. New in version 3.0 include a refreshed user interface and the ability to use cover art for video files. In addition, media that have already been viewed are marked. In version 3.0.2, the following issues have been fixed:


  • ogg audio support
  • wma audio support
  • aac audio support
  • Dolby Digital Plus support
  • AAC 6 channel pass through
  • Audio player song total length time update on next song play
  • Enable Folder Protection Setup Menu — Zoom about.jpg and navigate up/down nav to a protected folder and press Play or Enter. Pin code screen appears and now wait about 30 sec and do not enter pin code. Mede8er bombs
  • Pin Protection “on” enter File Manager. Don’t input code press, return, go to Setup and switch Pin Protection “off”, back to File Manager sometimes Mede8er bombs
  • Select Movies Tab, the Folder Play function plays previously played video and not the video within the folder selected
  • Media Library — Press any number and then press Setup button – layer beneath partly shows
  • 16 x 10 Screen size save
  • .divx video files
  • Italtian “Formato HDD” change to “Formattazione HDD”

Known issues:

  • Under certain filter conditions, time bar artwork punching through SETUP screen — Under investigation
  • .ogg files sometimes not playing off internal HDD — Under investigation
  • Network (SMB) write not available to Non-Mede8er-formatted HDD (NTFS-only) — Under investigation
  • DVD resume on VIDEO_TS structure – Not working — SDK
  • Repeat AB on BDISO — SDK
  • Restore from v1.x or v2.x backups — not restoring all fields correctly
  • On certain 16:9 DVD menus – selection highlight is misplaced — SDK issue
  • Simultaneous audio output via both HDMI and SPDIF — SDK restriction
  • resume dialogue DVDISO — SDK
  • resume play DVD VIDEO_TS — SDK

Version number 3.0.2
Release status Final
Website Mede8er
file size 37.20MB
License type Freeware