Software Update: TinyMCE 2.0 RC4

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TinyMCE is a cross-platform web-based HTML text editor built with Javascript and ECMAscript. Some of the most important features are support for themes and templates, multiple languages ​​and plugins. For more information about TinyMCE you can here justly. Moxiecode Systems has recently released the fourth release candidate of TinyMCE 2.0. The complete list of the changes made is as follows:

Version 2.0 RC4:

  • Fixed bug with font face/size/color wasn’t working correctly in Firefox 1.5b1.
  • Fixed bug where all actions where dispatching the unforeunload event.
  • Fixed bug where buttons in fullscreen mode wasn’t working in MSIE.
  • Fixed bug where style removal with drop list wasn’t working correctly.
  • Fixed bug where element path list or return key some times didn’t scroll to the right location.
  • Fixed bug where return key in Firefox/Mozilla some times produced an error.
  • Fixed bug where MSIE was presenting an alert box about insecure items when running TinyMCE over HTTPS.
  • Fixed bug where TR/TD elements width/height attributes produced a JS error on cleanup.
  • Fixed bug where Polish Ctrl+Alt+Z executed the undo function instead of inserting national character.
  • Fixed bug where editor couldn’t be initialized if no rows or height where specified on a textarea.
  • Fixed bug where comments sometimes got removed from HTML code.
  • Fixed bug with advimage not inserting onmouseover attribute correctly.
  • Fixed bug where anchors with child nodes messed up list elements.
  • Fixed bug where apply_source_formatting option wasn’t working when used together with remove_linebreaks.
  • Fixed bug where empty paragraphs where invisible in Firefox. These are now padded with a  .
  • Fixed bug where tables without a border attribute didn’t get visual aid borders until cleanup.
  • Fixed bug with URL conversion, absolute URLs to the same domain without trailing slash produced incorrect results.
  • Fixed bug with URL conversion of urls like this somedir/?id=3 produced somedir?id=3.
  • Fixed bug with weird cursor movement when pressing return/enter in a list when running on Firefox/Mozilla.
  • Fixed bug where contents where deleted sometimes when user pressed return/enter running on Firefox/Mozilla.
  • Fixed bug where style elements what generated empty in MSIE, but using style tags is not recommended.
  • Fixed bug with not being able to have absolute urls in the external_link_list_url and simmilar.
  • Fixed bug with bold, italic, underline, strikethrough buttons not being selected correctly.
  • Fixed bug with font size and font face select list not being selected correctly.
  • Fixed bug where document anchors was incorrectly converted if document_base_url was defined.
  • Fixed bug where changing border width/color of a table didn’t update CSS styles correcty.
  • Fixed bug where emotions plugin didn’t insert a new smiley the second time you insert one.
  • Fixed bug with blockquote command produced javascript error when used on lists in MSIE.
  • Fixed bug with cleanup converting flash elements to images.
  • Fixed bug where class wasn’t selected in drop list of advlink/advimage dialogs when editing links/images.
  • Fixed bug where cellpadding/cellspacing/scope wasn’t correctly handled in MSIE 5.5SP2.
  • Fixed bug where hreflang,charset and type attributes wasn’t returned correctly in MSIE 5.5SP2.
  • Fixed bug with broken image URLs when user clicked the cleanup button in Firefox 1.5b2.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with call to createStyleSheet and setup.
  • Fixed more compatibility issues with scripts extending core JS logic such as the Array class.
  • Fixed issue where paragraphs wasn’t generated if user pressed returned inside a H1-H6 running on Firefox/Mozilla.
  • Fixed issue with context menu plugin messing up some onclick events.
  • Fixed issue with missing

    HTML in advanced theme.

  • Fixed issue with Finnish language pack, it wasn’t working at all.
  • Fixed issue where button control styles needed to be overriden in default editor_ui.css.
  • Fixed issue with a broken link in the documentation to the theme_advanced_resize_horizontal option.
  • Fixed issue with missing var declaration of a buttons variable in the advanced theme.
  • Fixed issue with missing block elements in block element regexp.
  • Fixed issue where advhr plugin didn’t produce valid attribute for noshade.
  • Fixed issue with misslabeled option, plaintext_create_paragraphs is renamed to paste_create_paragraphs.
  • Fixed issue where remove_script_host and relative_urls where treated as true if they where specified as strings.
  • Fixed issue with charmap, made it easier to select/click characters.
  • Fixed issue with search/replace dialogs not being refocused in MSIE.
  • Fixed issues with dialogs being to small if large class names where added. Made sure they can grow.
  • Fixed issues with some dialogs being to small in NS 7.2 and not working correctly in NS 7.1.
  • Fixed missing HEAD element in fullscreen.htm file, contributed by monkeybrain.
  • Fixed some HTML issues with the advhr plugin, contributed by monkeybrain.
  • Fixed some small issues with the span element rule of the XHTML rule set in valid_elements documentation.
  • Added new Opera 9 support, most of the functions are working in the prerelease of Opera 9.
  • Added new paste_strip_class_attributes option to paste plugin, contributed by monkeybrain.
  • Added new merge_styles_invalid_parents option, allows users to control what elements gets styles.
  • Added new theme_advanced_resizing_use_cookie option, this enables you to disable the cookie used by resize.
  • Added new function that converts all font elements to span elements when the editor loads.
  • Added new force_hex_style_colors option, enables you to control the color format of CSS styles.
  • Added new convert_fonts_to_spans option, this option converts fonts to span elements.
  • Added new font_size_classes option, this option is used together with convert_fonts_to_spans.
  • Added new doctype option, enables you to control the internal doctype declaration.
  • Added new event_elements option contributed by happy_noodle_boy.
  • Added new path tooltips for font, span and flash elements such as color, font-family, src and so forth.
  • Added trim_span_elements back again, this option removes unneeded span elements.
  • Added documentation of the apply_source_formatting option.
  • Added updated Danish language pack, contributed by Jan Moelgaard.
  • Added updated Hebrew language pack, contributed by Liron Newman.
  • Added updated Russian language pack, contributed by Vladimir Vitkovsky.
  • Added updated Finnish language pack, contributed by Tuomo Aura.
  • Added updated Spanish language pack, contributed by Adolfo Sanz De Diego.
  • Added updated Italian language pack, contributed by grueff.
  • Added updated Icelandic language pack, contributed by Johannes Birgir Jensson.
  • Removed option convert_fonts_to_styles due to various compatibility issues. Use convert_fonts_to_spans instead.

Version number 2.0 RC4
Website Moxiecode Systems
File size


License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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