Software Update: The Bat! 9.3.4

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Version 9.3.4 of the more than twenty-year-old email client The Bat! hatched. The new director of the Moldovan company Ritlabs, Stefan Tanurkov, is fully committed to modernizing his program. For example, Chromium’s HTML rendering engine has replaced the outdated internal engine and that of Internet Explorer and there is now also a dark mode. The program has also undergone several changes in the interface and really looks much fresher than before. In version 9.3.4 the following changes and improvements have also been made:

New features

  • New %Account* macros
  • (#0002099) New macro %CLIPBOARD=”…” to change clipboard contents (works like the %SetCLIPBOARD=”…” macro)


  • Exception logging is restored, the maximum size of the log file is set to 500 KB
  • MAPI protocol is removed from the New Account dialog


  • (#002107) The Delete key was not functional for message undelete when browsing deleted messages
  • The issue that caused possible crash when messages were containing empty/missing attachments is resolved
  • The “OK” button was not functional in the “No plug-ins with learning facilities installed” warning
  • Opening some malformed links from HTML viewer could cause Access Violation errors
  • Print messages was using light colors under a dark theme
  • Mail Ticker did not update when an account was deleted
  • (#002103) The problem that caused an empty favorites list of the “New message” command is resolved
  • Creating of a scheduled event in the Sorting Office caused an Access Violation error
  • “View messaging history” command from the Address Book did not focus on the address in the address history pane

Version number 9.3.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Ritlabs
License type Paid
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