Windows 10 preview has toggle for Aero Shake which is off by default

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The Aero Shake, the shaking of a window to minimize other windows, is disabled by default in Windows 10 Insider Build 21364. It can be turned back on with a new toggle. The feature was introduced in Windows 7.

Users who want to use Aero Shake, which in Windows 10 is called ‘Title bar window shake’, must manually re-enable the function, Microsoft writes in the release notes of the build. The fact that the change is in the Insider Build of Windows 10 makes it likely that the release version of the OS will soon receive the same treatment.

The Aero Shake is part of a number of innovations that appeared in Windows 7. The gesture was introduced along with Aero Peek, Aero Snap and the progress indicator around taskbar buttons, among others. Those functionalities are still in Windows to this day. Aero state

for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open and is the design language that first saw the light of day in Windows Vista. It replaced Windows XP’s Luna design language and was itself replaced by Metro in Windows 8.

Critics of Aero Snap argue that Aero Shake is used too often by accident. If that happens, you can undo the action by shaking again.

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