Software Update: The Bat! 5.4.8

Ritlabs has version 5.4.8 of its email program The Bat! released. The program supports several pop3 and imap4 accounts, and has a Bayesian spam filter and extensive search and filtering capabilities. The Bat! is available in the flavors Home and Professional Edition, where students and non-profit organizations receive a discount on the purchase price. As usual, home users should also International Pack Updating. The difference between the Pro and Home editions is shown on this page Out of the blankets. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

New Features

  • The option of locking The Bat!’s interface toolbars has been implemented.


  • The /LOG_PGP_COMMAND_LINE command line parameter has been implemented
  • The default mail server settings for,,,, have been added


  • The issue related to the processing of the print command invoked via the key combination Ctrl+P in The Bat!’s internal Image Viewer has been fixed.
  • The Invert case feature now works properly in all The Bat!’s editors for all the regional languages ​​of the operating system.
  • The reply counter in the German language “AW:” now works as the reply counter in the English language “Re:”.
  • The issue related to pressing AltGr in the mail editor for Hungarian and German keyboard layouts has been fixed.
  • The search function in Cookies has been fixed.
  • The negative counters issue in IMAP accounts, caused by the access of more than one client, has been fixed.
  • Outlook Express contacts could not be imported.
  • Creating messages using HTML-templates with images could lead to the loss of the last angle bracket.

Version number 5.4.8
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website Ritlabs
File sizes

7.14MB – 24.80MB

License type Shareware