Software Update: TestDisk 6.11.3

TestDisk allows you to restore hard drive partitions when they are lost due to a virus, software bug, or failed tweak. For example, the program can rebuild fat12, fat16, fat32 and ntfs boot sectors, repair mft files and find the ‘backup superblocks’ of ext2 and ext3 file systems. For more information, we refer you to this page† The developers have released version 6.11.3 with the following list of changes since the previous entry in the Meuktracker:

Version 6.11.3

  • TestDisk EFI GPT partition backup

Version 6.11:

  • Should use less CPU.
  • Can undelete files for NTFS filesystem and recover deleted exFAT and ext4.

Version 6.10:

  • Report disk manufacturer and model under Windows and Linux (Only Linux was supported in 6.9)
  • Under Linux, /dev/mapper/* and /dev/md? are now listed with the harddisks.
  • Now both OS and compiler versions are recorded in the log file.
  • Now shipped with plugins for both BartPE and WinBuilder
  • undelete files and directories for FAT filesystem,
  • undelete files for ext2 filesystem,
  • copy files from ext2/ext3 partitions. This feature was already available for FAT and NTFS.

Version 6.9:

  • Compatible with ntfsprogs 2.0, the latest library version for accessing NTFS partitions.
  • EFI GUID Partition Table is now supported. EFI GPT is mainly used on Itanium, MacBook and Mac Pro.
  • Can use sudo if the user is not root, this functionality will be enabled for at least MacOSX, so users won’t have to go into a command line.
  • The MacOSX screen is also better supported.
  • Improved Windows disk support, most internal USB card reader should now work.
  • Disk model (ie. ATA ST3120026AS, _NEC DVD_RW ND-4550A…) are now reported under Linux.
  • New file system support has been added: encrypted LUKS, Mac HFSX, Linux Raid md 1.0/1.1/1.2 (0.9 was already supported).
  • UFS, UFS2 file systems are now identified better.
  • TestDisk 6.9 now handles a Mac partition table partially overwritten by an Intel partition.
  • It displays unicode filenames correctly, and can handle unicode filesnames while copying files from an NTFS partition when supported by the underlying libraries.
  • TestDisk warns if the media is in read-only instead of read-write access.
  • It’s now possible to copy files from a lost FAT partition found by TestDisk (Already possible for NTFS).
  • In the Advanced menu, TestDisk can create a raw/dd-like image of a partition.

Version number 6.11.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, DOS, macOS, Solaris, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website TestDisk
License type GPL