Software Update: Subtitle Edit 3.6.8

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Subtitle Edit is an open source program for creating, editing, synchronizing and converting subtitles. Support is available for more than 250 different formats and the program can be used in more than thirty languages. It is being developed for Windows, but can also be used under Mono by using Mono Linux are used. Version 3.6.8 has been released with the following changes and improvements:


  • Option to use only “front center” audio channel
  • Add support for OCR via Google’s Cloud Vision API
  • “Convert colors to dialog” (also batch)
  • Add EBU stl file property icon
  • Add new subformat
  • Add new json subformat
  • Add new subformat
  • Add shortcut “Loop selection”
  • Add shortcut for “Open containing folder”
  • Add shorcuts for play with speed 1.5x/2x
  • Add “nOCR” option to “Batch convert”
  • New proxy settings
  • Add “ASSA image color picker” incl. shortcut
  • Add CLI param /deletecontains:word
  • Add ignore white space to compare
  • Enable “Audio to text” for Linux
  • Add “Allow overlap” in “Change speed”
  • Add bookmarks to spell check dialog
  • Add dictation shortcut for main text box
  • Change spell check window font size via context menu
  • Add experimental “Audio to text via Whisper”
  • Add toolbar icon for source view toggle
  • SE can now be installed via “winget install Nikse.SubtitleEdit”


  • Update Polish translation
  • Update Bulgarian translation
  • Update Chinese translation
  • Update Italian translation
  • Update Korean translation
  • Update portuguese translation
  • Update French translation – the Peirre
  • Update Hungarian translation
  • Add error label for “Batch convert”
  • Batch convert: Improved “Remove lines with style/actor”
  • Allow empty split for “split at video/cursor”
  • Improve full screen play video size with mpv
  • Can detect Tesseract 5 on Linux
  • OCR selected lines only (list view context menu)
  • Audio to text: Auto select downloaded model after download
  • Allow for multiple X-TIMESTAMP-MAPs in WebVTT
  • Use subtitle file name for blank video
  • Add list view column sort to “File – Plugins”
  • Add “Use once” button for binary image compare
  • Add drag-n-drop to “Audio-to-text” batch
  • Do not stop on errors in “Audio to text” batch
  • SE does not contain/install any “*_user.xml” dictionary files
  • Add bold support to DCP format
  • A few fixes for eng_OCRFixReplaceList.xml
  • Most plugins should now work on Linux
  • Add import/export or binary export profile
  • Mp4 import: Support sample size + default size/dur
  • Add mp4 support in “Batch convert”


  • Fix crash with large files (+25GB) in burn-in
  • Fix crash when switching text-boxes/list-view-items
  • Fix minor bug for shortcut “Go to prev line and play”
  • Fix minor issue with “FCE:Remove dash single line”
  • Re-add FinalCutProXml properties
  • Don’t check “Continuation style” when merging dialog
  • Fix ASSA background box issue
  • Fix “*” showing in titlebar after offset with no change
  • Fix issues with NQC shot change rules
  • Fix UI issue in copy paste translate
  • Fix merge lines for greek
  • Fix not showing vobsub from mp4
  • Fix writing bd sup hours > 6½ hours
  • Fix installer dot net version check
  • Fix a few typos
  • Fix for mp4 with vtt subtitles
  • Fix rounding error when writing ASSA

Version number 3.6.8
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
License type GPL
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