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Software update: Start10 1.60


 Start10 logo (75 pix) In Windows 8 Microsoft has completely changed the start menu. Not everyone was happy with that and soon there were several free and paid tools to do something about it.
In Windows 10, Microsoft itself has reduced the start menu to a new form. However, those who want the classic look are still dependent on extra tools. Stardock, a veteran in the field of adjusting the appearance of Windows, has released Start10 for this. The program costs $ 5 and if you already have a license for Start8 that may be less. In version 1.60 the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in Start10 version 1.60

  • Updated for Windows 1803 to fix searching in start menu
  • Added new blur option for Windows 1803 (on by default)
  • Links to the Games and Homegroup folders on Windows 1803 will not work (Microsoft deprecated those locations)


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