Software Update: SOGo 5.5.0

Version 5.5.0 of SOGo was released recently. Scalable uses the source code of and focuses on sharing calendars, contacts and emails. In addition, according to the developers, it is highly scalable and can be accessed via a web interface. Furthermore, modified versions of Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning are included as clients. Other clients can also be used, such as Microsoft Outlook, or mobile devices such as a BlackBerry. For more information, please refer to this page, where the documentation can be found. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

New Features

  • eas: implement replyTo element (f8b4187

Bug Fixes

  • addressbook: handle LDIF file with headers when importing contacts (fad52dd
  • addressbook: remove debugging output (06bf914
  • addressbook: respect visible domains when fetching contact (368360b), close #4896
  • calendar: ensure alarms have a DESCRIPTION property (b817048
  • core: avoid SQL aggregate function when testing table existence (66bac18
  • core: fix compilation warning in SOGoCacheGCSObject (c75ac6c
  • core: remove trailing closing angle bracket from detected URLs (b967eac), close #5465
  • eas: handle module constraints (39e1ef573edd45cf34182), close #5456
  • mail(css): highligh flagged/starred messages (7a776cd10c69ae
  • mail(css): restrict the viewport of the message body viewer (9d7c6a2
  • mail(html): remove “rel” attribute from sanitized HTML mails (3c26e04
  • mail(js): remove double quotes prior checking attributes values ​​(68608c4
  • mail(js): save “mark as read” delay when changing mode (edcf03e
  • mail(js): update unseen count when it’s zero (9eba2f1
  • mail: handle case where the msg is of content type application (81c1997
  • mail: handle empty “Mail.Note” in ms-tnef body part (b0c5adf), close #5388
  • mail: improve handling of QRESYNC responses (2c6cd53
  • mail: limit number of headers in getChangesAction response(cabba35
  • mail: make sure QRESYNC is enabled in getChangesAction(1ab21b0
  • mail: support very large HIGHESTMODSEQ values ​​(ecc1dee
  • mail: use .eml extension for message/global body parts (179992c


  • bg: update Bulgarian translation (7c01633
  • bs_BA: add Bosnian translation (07b4ad6
  • bs_BA: update Bosnian translation (91e1aec
  • pt_BR: update Brazilian Portuguese translation (2a25cfb
  • ru: update Russian translation (a7c9916
  • sr_SR: update Montenegrin translation (29d7fe4
  • uk: update Ukrainian translation (9eb38a1

see the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log

Version number 5.5.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website SOGO
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)