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The Windows version of Skype has been updated to version With this VoIP program, which is also available for Linux and Mac OS X, you can talk to other users of this program for free. A subscription can also be taken out (SkypeOut), so that calls to fixed and mobile numbers are possible. The list of changes looks like this:


  • bugfix: fixed certain Skype calls that were vulnerable to buffer overflow (Skype Security Bulletin SKYPE-SB/2005-002)
  • bugfix: fixed a bug in networking code that made Skype vulnerable to remotely induced crash (Skype Security Bulletin SKYPE-SB/2005-003)
  • bugfix: Skype ring sound never stopped when call was automatically answered
  • bugfix: user’s avatar disappears after they are logged in continiously for 7 days
  • bugfix: problems with handling Skype usernames that did not start with a letter
  • bugfix: Skype passwords were occasionally not remembered during first login

Version number
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Skype
File size


License type Freeware
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