Software Update: SpamPal 1.594 / 1.73 beta

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SpamPal is an anti-spam program for Windows that sits between the e-mail client and the provider, so to speak, and is intended to identify and mark spam as such. This flag can then be used in your favorite email program to send a to create a filter who, for example, puts this e-mail in a separate folder or immediately throws it away. The developers have been busy and released two new versions. The first is an update of the stable version that has been given 1.594 as a version number. The second is a new beta version with 1.73 as the version number. The changes look like this:

Version 1.594:

  • Includes Danish translation
  • Now uses latest version of ZLib compression library; should fix problem where some anti-spyware tools were wrongly deleting SpamPal’s zlib.dll.
  • Multiple ‘Country’ blacklists weren’t working together since the blacklists listing update last month; fixed.
  • SMTP: EHLO response sent all in one packet (previous method could sometimes confuse OE).

Version 1.73beta:

  • Log files:
    • Wasn’t correctly spacing log file entries – fixed. (v1.72y)
    • Logfile entries weren’t always in correct order when prefetching was used; fixed.
    • IMAP4 messages that involved prefetching were sometimes not appearing in the logfile! Fixed.
  • transparent proxy:
    • FIXED serious problem that caused lots of crashes in Internet applications! (v1.72z)
    • Fixed silly bug that was preventing OE (among other mail programs) from correctly closing a filtered socket (v1.72z)
    • Replaced unreliable _vsnprintf function with custom-written safe version. Fixed several other buffer overflows and memory errors. (v1.72y)
    • No longer links with MSVCRT.DLL (v1.72y)
  • Misc:
    • Could read past end of command-line buffer, causing a crash – fixed. (v1.72y)
    • Fixed obscure crash when using non-transparent ports if there were no port settings to handle an incoming connection (v1.72z)
    • Can no longer report WSAEINVAL errors when closing socket.
    • Changed how progress numbers for IMAP4 prefetch threads are displayed in the status window. Still doesn’t make much sense though…

Version number 1.594 / 1.73beta
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website SpamPal
License type Freeware
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