Software Update: Server2Go 0.9.9

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Server2Go is a collection of software compiled to run as a local web server from a CD. The CD’s autorun will launch the necessary software on the Windows system and open a browser window with the web page contained on the CD. It uses PHP4, SQLite, MySQL and Apache HTTP Server, among others. The developers have released version 0.9.9 with the following changes:

Version 0.9.9:

  • New Option in configuration ini-File. With the MySQLCmd option you can change or add the commandline parameters for MySQL Startup
  • Automatic Port detection for MySQL
  • Standard mysql codepage now latin1
  • MySQL: The Standard collation is now latin1_general_ci
  • It is now possible to start two or more server2go instances. The temp folders on disk are now unique for each process
  • On Windows NT mysqld-nt.exe is started instead of mysqld.exe
  • Fixed a small bug my my.ini paths
  • Updated MySQL to 4.1.15

[break]Server2Go is available in the following flavours:
Server2Go 0.9.9 with PHP, SQLite
Server2Go 0.9.9 with PHP, SQLite, MySQL
Server2Go 0.9.9 with PHP, SQLite, MySQL, Perl

Version number 0.9.9
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Server2Go
License type Cardware
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