Software Update: Serv-U FTP 3.0 Beta 4

Deerfield has already released Beta 4 of FTP server Serv-U FTP. Serv-U is a small, yet comprehensive program. It is easy to set up and can be used for free to a certain extent. You can Serv-U here take down. Below is the laundry list with the adjustments of the 3.0 betas:

=========== v3.0 build 4 ==========

  • Added support for running as Win95/98 or NT system service.
  • Fixed bug in max. concurrent user settings, was allowing one to many.
  • Added support for old-style UNIX ‘crypt()’ passwords.

=========== v3.0 build 3 ==========

  • Added support for registry based domains in addition to .ini file domains.
  • Added extensive caching for user setup data.
  • Added caching for message files (signon, login etc).
  • Added caching for server response messages.
  • Added support for various user defined server response messages.
  • Fixed bug in log message for users killed by server.
  • Changed timeout handling to kick user after 10 seconds regardless of connection.
  • Fixed bug in transfer count in case of transfers ending in error.
  • Added support for configurable log file name when using automatic rotation.
  • Added domain-specific user activity.
  • Added domain-specific remove screen log viewer.
  • Changed WinSock logging to be more efficient.
  • Local admin is now hidden from user count and bandwidth limits.
  • Added split speed limits for uploads/downloads to user setup.
  • Fixed bug in download file count for user info.
  • Added support for dynamic IP and multiple domains sharing same listening socket.
  • Added support for remote server shutdown and placing server offline.
  • Added buttons to minimize left and right panels of the admin program.

=========== v3.0 build 2 ==========

  • Fixed bug using ports in certain commands which caused server to hang.
  • Fixed problem in dealing with characters over hex F0 in paths.
  • Fixed handling of UNC paths for add-on DLLs.
  • Fixed bug causing ill-formed Windows’ links (shortcuts) to crash the server.
  • Fixed handling of Windows’ shortcuts to network drivers.
  • Changed quota handling to allow a maximum of around 4000000000 Gb.
  • Fixed bug in use of multiple backslashes in paths.
  • Added support for domain-specific logging.
  • Added support for domain-specific server ports.
  • Changed REST command to allow PORT and PASV without canceling the restart.
  • Changed event hook handling to allow file/path changes.
  • Changed passwords to use MD5 hash instead of UNIX ‘crypt’.
  • Fixed bug in failing to recognize ports in command paths.
  • Changed MDTM to not allow future date/times.
  • Changed speed calculations to use more precise (1ms) timer.
  • Fixed bug causing premature timeout when anti-timeout is enabled.
  • Fixed bug handling Telnet command sequences.
  • Added ‘e’ option to the ‘ls’ dir listing emulation, for files-only.

=========== v3.0 build 1 ==========

  • Added support for HEX password strings with S/KEY.
  • Fixed bug denying access when using wildcards in rules for a drive root.
  • Fixed bug in file transfer percentage of user info when file gets renamed.
  • Fixed bug causing alternate passive IP to be ignored.
  • Fixed bug in count of transferred bytes.
  • Fixed the “check for update” menu bitmap to equal that of FTP Voyager.
  • Fixed problem of showing Serv-U window from tray-icon in Win2000 or with IE5.
  • Fixed bug introduced in v2.5 causing crashes with long paths in FTP commands.
  • Fixed bug in handling links in root directories, sometimes caused server to hang.
  • Fixed bug which caused Windows shortcuts in root dir to fail as links.
  • Fixed bug which caused no transferprogress to be sent during uploads.
  • Fixed label for SRVU_QuotaMax event during logging of DLL events.
  • Bitmap-enhanced menus are now disabled in NT3.51.
  • Added logging of speed and bytes tranferred for aborted transfers.
  • Added control over low-level socket options.
  • Changed dir listing cache to be more efficient.
  • Fixed bug which caused the full user name in event structures to cut off at ‘@’.
  • Fixed bug allowing unlimited users to log on in case limit was set to 0.
  • Fixed bug causing crashes upon exit in NT.
  • Fixed bug where S/KEY accounts are temporarily blocked after wrong password.
  • Changed default dir listing mask to ‘rwxrwxrwx’ to make AOL FTP clients happy.
  • Fixed bug in S/KEY causing it to have wrong password after creating a new seed.
  • Fixed bug denying access when using rules with wildcards for a drive root.
  • Fixed bug in file transfer percentage of user info when file gets renamed.
  • Changed handling of passive mode transfers that never connect.
  • Fixed bug in SITE PSWD command causing server to crash with bogus input.
  • Changed handling of uploads for UL/DL ratios to be less sensitive to abuse.

Version number 3.0 beta 4
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website FileForum