Software update: SciTE 4.2.1

Version 4.2.1 of SciTE has been released. Scintilla Text Editor is an open source and cross platform text editor. It uses the open source Scintilla Text Editor library, which is from the same makers. This library is also used by other programs, including Notepad ++. Downloads are available for Windows and Linux, and a commercial version for macOS can be found in Apple’s app store. In addition, there is a stand-alone executable that can be conveniently carried on a USB stick. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Release 4.2.1

  • Add SCI_SETTABMINIMUMWIDTH to set the minimum width of tabs. This allows minimaps or overviews to be layed out to match the full size editing view. Bug # 2118.
  • SciTE enables use of SCI_ commands in
  • XML folder adds option to fold tags at the start of the tag “<" instead of the end ">“. Bug # 2128.
  • Metapost lexer fixes crash with ‘interface = none’ comment. Bug # 2129.
  • Perl lexer supports indented here-docs. Bug # 2121.
  • Perl folder folds qw arrays. Feature # 1306.
  • TCL folder can turn off whitespace flag by setting fold.compact property to 0. Bug # 2131.
  • Optimize setting up keyword lists in lexers. Feature # 1305.
  • Updated case conversion and character categories to Unicode 12.1. Feature # 1315.
  • On Win32, stop the IME candidate window moving unnecessarily and position it better.
    Stop candidate window overlapping composition text and taskbar.
    Position candidate window closer to composition text.
    Stop candidate window moving while typing.
    Align candidate window to target part of composition text.
    Stop Google IME on Windows 7 moving while typing.
    Bug # 2120. Feature # 1300.

Version number 4.2.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website SciTE
License type GPL

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