Software Update: Scale Tracker 0.75b

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Anonymous: 35592 informs us the following about Skale Tracker: “For all those who have tried everything to bring Fast Tracker 2 to life within Windows XP, this is the outcome. The people of the infamous Fast Tracker 3 beta have continued under a different name Bakery and Awezoom, in collaboration with a small team of developers, deliver a very good shot in the right direction. With this FT2 look-a-like you can get back to work within one minute, if you can handle FT2 flawlessly:”

Bug Fixed

    – WAV Rendered files corruption
    – Pattern line number incorrect
    – WAV loader bug fixed
    – XM save bug fixed
    – WAV Render never ends when a “Jump to next pattern line” effect
    (Dxx) is in the last pattern
    – Pattern effect E9x Retrig Note enabled
    – Muted channel with an EDx Delay Note effect was played

New additions

    – Auto name instrument when a sample is loaded
    – Own Skale FXs engine (Echo, Short Delay, Flanger, Chorus)
    – Load Gfx resources when needed. Faster Starting.
    – Solo Channel Shortcut changed to Ctrl+Shitf+S (incompatibility with original shortcut)
    – All FT2 ShortCuts implemented
    – Changed “Play Song from current pos” shortcut from Enter key to Ctrl+Enter
    – Changed “Play actual note” shortcut from 4 key to Control+4
    – New Shortcuts (Octave up, Octave down, play Pattern from current position).
    – Old MOD EFFECTS Implemented (3xx, 4xx, 5xx, 6xx, 7xx)
    – Auto-Tune samples at C-4 when a sample is loaded
    – DiskOp memory of the last Directories/Drives
    – Configurable Default Directories
    – Overwrite File Message
    – Buzz Effects support Disabled (Legal stuff)
    – Full Screen 32 bit mode
    – MultiChannelEdit
    – MultiChannel Record
    – MIDI In Velocity
    – Record Velocity

Version number 0.75b
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Scale Tracker
File size


License type Freeware
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