Software update: SABnzbd 3.1.0

Version 3.1 of SABnzbd has been released. With SABnzbd files can be downloaded from usenet. This open source program is available for Windows, Linux and macOS, and offers the possibility to load nzb files, after which the appropriate files are picked from usenet. With the built-in web interface it is possible to operate the program via a web browser. The following improvements have been made in this release:


  • Added option to automatically deobfuscate final filenames: after unpacking,
    detect and rename obfuscated or meaningless filenames to the job name,
    similar to the post-processing script.
  • Switched to Transifex as our translations platform:
    Help us translate SABnzbd into your language! Add untranslated texts or
    improved existing translations here:
  • Redesigned job availability-check to be more efficient and reliable.
  • Scheduled readouts of RSS feeds would fail silently, they now show a warning.
  • Skip repair on Retry if all sets were previously successfully verified.
  • Passwords included in the filename no longer have to be at the end.
  • Restore limit on length of foldernames (max_foldername_length).
  • Added password input box on the Add NZB screen.
  • Clear error if Complete Folder is set as a subfolder of the Temporary Folder.
  • Show warning that Python 3.5 support will be dropped after 3.1.0.
  • Windows/macOS: update UnRar to 5.91 and MultiPar to
  • Windows: retry Access Denied when renaming files on Windows.

Bug fixes:

  • Assembler crashes could occur due to race condition in ArticleCache.
  • On HTTP-redirects the scheme/hostname/port were ignored when behind a proxy.
  • Strip slash of the end of url_base as it could break other code.
  • Temporary Folder with unicode characters could result in duplicate unpacking.
  • Unpacking with a relative folder set for a category could fail.
  • Existing files were not parsed when retrying a job.
  • Reading attributes when retrying a job could result in crash.
  • Paused priority or pre-queue script was ignored.
  • Duplicate Detection did not check filenames in History.
  • Downloaded bytes could show as exceeding the total bytes of a job.
  • Filtering of history by category would not filter jobs in post-processing.
  • Windows: non-Latin languages ​​were displayed incorrectly in the installer.
  • Windows: could fail to create folders on some network shares.
  • Windows: folders could end in a period, breaking Windows Explorer.

Upgrade notice:

  • Jobs that failed on versions before 3.1.x, will throw an error about the
    attribute file failing to load when they are retried on 3.1.0+. This error
    can be ignored.
  • When upgrading from 2.xx or older the queue will be converted. job order,
    settings and data will be preserved, but if you decide to go back to 2.xx
    your queue cannot be downgraded again. But you can restore the jobs by going
    to the Status page and running Queue Repair.

Version number 3.1.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website SABnzbd
File size


License type GPL