Software Update: RSSOwl 2.0.3

RSSOwl has been updated to version 2.0.3. This program can retrieve the latest news from various RSS, RDF and Atom feeds from the Internet. Searching for news items is done via the search function and thanks to the tabbed interface you can keep an overview of all the news on offer. The program is written in Java and can therefore be used on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, among others. New in version 2.0.3 includes the ability to import feeds from Google Reader:

RSSOwl 2.0.3 is out

It is time for another release and RSSOwl 2.0.3 brings some nice new features. The most notable one is the new ability to import feeds from your Google Reader account using the import wizard. Existing users can easily update using the integrated update manager (Help | Check for Updates).

The following downloads are available:
RSSOwl 2.0.3 for Windows (exe)
RSSOwl 2.0.3 for Windows (zip)
RSSOwl 2.0.3 for Linux (32bit)
RSSOwl 2.0.3 for Linux (64bit)
RSSOwl 2.0.3 for Mac OS X

Version number 2.0.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Linux AMD64, Linux IA-64, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website RSSOwl
File size 14.20MB
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)