Software Update: RoundCube Webmail 0.3-RC1

RoundCube Webmail is a web application that behaves like an imap client. For example, it is used by various hosters to offer webmail functionality. It includes mime and html support, address books, search capabilities and a spell checker. This web application is written in PHP and requires a MySQL or a Postgres database to store its data. For more information, we refer you to this page. The developers released a release candidate of version 0.3 a few days ago, with the following announcement:

Release Candidate for 0.3

After getting plenty of feedback for the plugin API which was published in version 0.3-beta we now released an almost-ready version of RoundCube. The reason why this not yet a stable release are some pervasive changes on the IMAP backend in order to improve performance. We’d like our dear users to extensively test this release candidate and submit errors to our bug tracker. The 0.3 stable release will follow soon…

Version 0.3-RC1:

  • Fix import of vCard entries with params (#1485453)
  • Fix HTML messages output with empty block elements (#1485974)
  • Use request tokens to protect POST requests from CSFR
  • Added hook when killing a session
  • Added hook to write_log function (#1485971)
  • Performance improvements by using UID commands (#1485690)
  • Fix HTML editor tabIndex setting (#1485972)
  • Added ‘imap_debug’ and ‘smtp_debug’ options
  • Support strftime’s format modifiers in date_* options (#1484806)
  • Support %h variable in ‘smtp_server’ option (#1485766)
  • Show SMTP errors in browser (#1485927)
  • Allow WBR tag in HTML message (#1485960)
  • Use spl_autoload_register() instead of __autoload (#1485947)
  • Add hook for identities listing (#1485958)
  • Trigger hook ‘smtp_connect’ when opening an SMTP connection (#1485954)
  • Added config option to enforce HTTPS connections
  • Fix non-unicode characters caching in unicode database (#1484608)
  • Performance improvements of messages caching
  • Fix empty Date header issue (#1485923)
  • Open collapsed folders during drag & drop (#1485914)
  • Fixed link text replacements (#1485789)
  • Also trigger ‘insertrow’ events on page load (#1485826)
  • No link on subject in IE browsers (#1484913)
  • Fixed filename encoding according to RFC2231 (#1485875)
  • Added message Edit feature (#1483891, #1484440)
  • Fix message Etag generation for counter issues (#1485623)
  • Fix messages searching on MailEnable IMAP (#1485762)
  • Fixed many ‘skip_deleted’ issues (#1485634)
  • Fixed messages list sorting on servers without SORT capability
  • Colorized signatures in plain text messages
  • Reviewed/fixed skip_deleted/read_when_deleted/flag_for_deletion options handling in UI
  • Fix displaying of big maximum upload filesize (#1485889)
  • Added possibility to invert messages selection
  • After move/delete from ‘show’ action display next message instead of messages list (#1485887)
  • Fixed problem with double quote at the end of folder name (#1485884)
  • Speedup UI by using CSS sprites and etags/expires/deflate in Apache config (#1484858,#1485800)
  • Support UID EXPUNGE: remove only moved/deleted messages
  • Add drag canceling with ESC key (#1484344)
  • Support initial identity name from virtuser_query (#1484003)
  • Added message menu, removed Print and Source buttons
  • Added possibility to save message as .eml file (#1485861)
  • Added 1 minute interval in autosave options (#1485854)
  • Support UTF-7 encoding in messages (#1485832)
  • Better support for malformed character names (#1485758)

Version 0.3 beta

  • Using jQuery for client scripting
  • Implemented Plugin API (#1326399)
  • Moved some core functionality (temp file storage) into plugins
  • Fix Answered/Forwarded flag setting for messages in subfolders
  • Fix autocomplete problem with capital letters (#1485792)
  • Support UUencode content encoding (#1485839)
  • Minimize chance of race condition in session handling (#1485659, #1484678)
  • Fix session handling on non-session SQL query error (#1485734)
  • Fix html editor mode setting when reopening draft message (#1485834)
  • Added quick search box menu (#1484304)
  • Fix wrong column sort order icons (#1485823)
  • Updated TinyMCE to 3.2.3 version
  • Fix attachment names encoding when charset isn’t specified in attachment part (#1484969)
  • Fix message normal priority problem (#1485820)
  • Fix autocomplete spinning wheel does not disappear (#1485804)
  • Added log_date_format option (#1485709)
  • Fix text wrapping in HTML editor after switching from plain text to HTML (#1485521)
  • Fix auto-complete function hangs with plus sign (#1485815)
  • Fix AJAX requests errors handler (#1485000)
  • Fix read/write database recognition (#1485811)
  • Added possibility to encrypt received header, option ‘http_received_header_encrypt’, added some more logic in encrypt/decrypt functions for security

Version number 0.3-RC1
Release status beta
Operating systems script language
Website The RoundCube Webmail Project
License type GPL