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 RJ TextEd logo (75 pix) Version 13.0 of RJ TextEd has been released. This free Swedish-language text editor has various possibilities, which are especially interesting for software and web developers, such as syntax highlighting, autocompletion, extensive selection and sorting options and an ingrained (s) ftp client. The program is developed for Windows, but can also be used on Linux via Wine . The changelog for this release looks like this:

Chrome preview
Updated the Chromium preview component and libraries to version 65.0.3325.
Exception catcher
Made extensive changes to the bug report format and added several new items. A new tab was added to the exception window for loaded modules and running Win32 processes.
The screenshot now captures the complete window
be used first when actually needed.
Code improvements and code testing
I’ve been tasked with stress test functions and analysis classes and code to find possible issues. Some issues where using different debug flags. or tools, and others found using Application Verifier. I also corrected a few issues using static code analysis tools and found minor problems while testing.
Explorer tabs and File Commander tab
Auto refresh should work properly now. And […]
Script debugging (step over)
Made several improvements and fixed issues

  • The execution line is highlighted with a red background.
  • The debugging stops at the end of the script, or when moving focus to the script window, or when pressing the stop button.


  • Added remote file operations (save and save as) to the document context menu.
  • Menus can be accessed by pressing ALT then a char code. E.g. ALT + F + S for save.


  • Find highlight issue
  • Find RegEx highlight issue
  • Ruler paint issue
  • Chrome preview issue
  • Rename remote file and server has disconnected.
  • Project wide-class explorer issues
  • Hex view paste issue
  • Toolbar image issue
  • Indent issue with expand abbreviation
  • Delete multiple selections
  • PHP tags inside HTML tag issues
  • TODO / NOTE display issues in code explorer
  • TODO / NOTE display issues in project class viewer
  • Toggle browser view shortcut issue
  • Switch tab from Chrome preview tab using keyboard shortcut.
  • 19659015] Document tab hint issue
  • Shutdown issues and issues that could lead to a crash
  • Misc reported issues.


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