Software Update: Rescuezilla 2.3

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Version 2.3 of Rescuezilla has been released. This program can create an image backup of a partition or hard drive. It can also be used to clone a hard drive, or view the contents of an image and copy individual files from it. Rescuezilla is fully compatible with Clonezilla and can handle virtual images from, for example, VirtualBox, VMware, Hyper-V and QEMU. It can also resize partitions and recover accidentally deleted files. The release notes for this release can be found below.

release notes

Download the 64-bit version of Rescuezilla: rescuezilla-2.3-64bit.impish.iso (recommended). There is also an alternative Rescuezilla v2.3 ISO image based on the Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal) long-term support release: rescuezilla-2.3-64bit.focal.iso which on some machines may be able to boot more reliably than the recommended Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish) release above.

Flash the Rescuezilla image to a USB stick using balenaEtcher (this will erase all data on your USB stick). Reboot your PC and boot from USB. If you have trouble reaching the desktop, try the ‘Graphical Fallback Mode’ menu item.

The main additional feature for Rescuezilla v2.3 is basic image verification, as well as a new “rescue” option to force filesystem errors to be ignored. Virtually all partclone-based tools other than Clonezilla always ignore errors using partclone’s –force option, which I think is a bad idea† Some bugs and important feature requests from Rescuezilla v2.2 continue to remain yet-unaddressed, including unfortunately the highly requested “persistent partition” feature as it still requires further changes and testing. Sorry I could implement more for this release, I was focused on moving from Australia to America to start a new job.

I intend to release a feature update before February 2022, in addition to the scheduled 6-monthly May 2022 feature update to try and maintain the project’s velocity. Here is a partial list of what’s changed in Rescuezilla v2.3:

  • Implemented image verification feature (#30
  • Adds “Rescue” option to ignore filesystem inconsistencies and bad sectors (#237
  • Replaces Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute) build with build based on Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish) for best support of new hardware
  • Added ability to restore and explore images created by “Apart” partclone GUI (#230
  • Improved image scanning to try to fix report of where some images not scanning except with Browse (#251
  • Fixed display or LVM shutdown error message (#250
  • Displayed serial number of drives in response to feedback (#227
  • Added lxappearance package to make it easy to set the dark theme (#275
  • Added ability to open file manager as root using right-click (#281
  • Added user-provided Intel Xorg conf file to hopefully stop screen tearing (#281
  • Fixed issue preventing restoring of images created by FSArchiver/qtfsarchiver (#255
  • Switched to “xdg-open” to launch file manager and web browser, rather than hardcoding pcmanfm and Firefox
  • Added (or significantly updated) translations:
    • Hebrew/עִברִית (he-IL) (#244
    • Tiếng Việt (vi-UN) (#263
    • Danish/Dansk (da-DK) (#248
    • Russian/Русский (ru-RU) (#270

For full details available in the changelog

Version number 2.3
Release status Final
Website rescuezilla
File size


License type GPL
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