Software Update: RegCleaner

Version 3.8 of RegCleaner is out. This handy program lets you check your registry for various items, namely:

  • Software
  • Startup list
  • Uninstall menu
  • File types
  • New file
  • Shell Extensions

In addition, the program of course has a backup option. I just installed it myself and it works very well. The maker of the program would like to say that it has nothing to do with Microsoft’s RegClean, although of course he could have come up with a more original name.

Thanks to bonobo for the tip.

RegCleaner is an easy to use program. With RegCleaner you can easily get rid of those old and obsolate registry entries created by software that you have destroyed ages ago. You don’t have to be any expert to use this program. Note that this program is not like those other so called registry cleaners, they search any filenames from registry, then if the file doesnŽt exists anymore they remove the registry key or value where this filename was.

Version number
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website file forum