Software Update: PTGui 11.21

A frequently discussed piece of software in the Photo & Video Workflow subforum is PTGui. This program focuses on stitching panoramic photos on both macOS and Windows systems. With a stack of photos as input, the program can figure out how to put them next to each other. For the computation-intensive part, it can also use the gpu via OpenCL to be ready faster. It features various options, where PTGui Pro also makes it possible to combine HDR photos, mask moving objects and adjust the viewing point, among other things. Version 11.21 was released a few days ago and has the following changes:

Changes in version 11.21

  • Added support for the Insta360 EVO, QooCam and QooCam 8k cameras
  • New option in Lens Settings tab: Mirror Horizontally. If enabled, the image will be mirrored. Mirroring is done after shifting and cropping the image, so the orientation of lens shift and cropping are not affected. This was added to support cameras like QooCam, which generate mirrored image files.
  • Fixed: a black line could be visible in the images generated by Publish to Website, if tiles were generated at a smaller than optimum size
  • Fixed: artifacts (‘blocky’ images) on nvidia GPUs when using lens parameters with a fisheye factor very close to zero
  • Fixed: ‘asset failed’ error if the blending mode was set to Alpha Blending and the blender subsequently set to SmartBlend
  • Fixed: occasional crash while using GPU acceleration

Version number 11.21
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website PTGu
File size 29.80MB
License type Paid