Software update: Postbox 6.0.3


Version 6.0.3 of Postbox has been released and an update with minor improvements has already been published. Postbox is an e-mail client for Windows and macOS, which originated in Mozilla’s Thunderbird. It has extended possibilities such as a common inbox for various e-mail accounts, quick reply, signatures and opening mails in tabs. In addition, it has an extensive contact manager and many search options. Since version 6.0.1 the following improvements have been made:

Postbox 6.0.2

  • Fixed an issue with message content not updated during tab or account switching
  • 19659004] Fixed icon indicators in the Filters panel for normal resolution screens on macOS

Postbox 6.0.1

  • Redesigned the addressing auto-complete widget
  • Migration Assistant can now import passwords and Postbox 6 profiles
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the English Dictionary from working on macOS
  • Fixed file linking in Cloud File Sharing
  • Fixed typeface button selectors in the formatting toolbar
  • Fixed checkbox selection in the Troubleshooting panel
  • certain Draft messages to come up blank
  • Fixed Mark as Read function when account groups are selected
  • Fixed an issue that could cause small plaintext emails to be cu t off
  • Fixed disabled Outlook Address Book import option