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Plextor has just released a new version of PlexTools Professional XL, the commercial sibling of the free PlexTools Professional. The software can only be used in combination with a CD or DVD burner from Plextor and allows you to rip CDs, copy discs and display information about the writable discs. The XL version, according to Plextor, is for the more demanding user and has extras such as support for cuesheets, the ability to save and open DVD projects, and the ability to find and install new firmwares for the drive. Below are all the changes since the previous entry in the muck tracker:

Changes in PlexTools Professional XL V3.06

  • The AudioCD Player can now play CD+G (KaraokeCD). CD+G tracks can be extracted in Disc Extraction and used to make a new CD+G by means of the AudioCD+G project in Disc Maker.
  • The Disc Extraction function has been updated with WMA format.
  • External command-line encoders are now supported in Disc Extraction.

Changes in PlexTools Professional XL V3.05

  • Support detection of Video Capture Devices.
  • Support for Plextor Video Capture Devices PX-M402U and PX-TV402U.
  • New function Device Settings for Plextor Video Capture Devices.
  • New function ‘Audio Capture’ from Plextor Video Capture Devices.
  • New function ‘Video Capture’ from Plextor Video Capture Devices, Webcams and DV Cameras.
  • New function ‘Multi Video Capture’ to preview in mosaic or capture to 4 files from 4 video sources.
  • Video Preview with Full Scale and Full Screen mode.
  • Programmable scheduler for capture tasks with support for Multi Video Capture.

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Version number 3.06
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Plextor
File size


License type Shareware
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