Software update: PicoTorrent 0.20

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Version 0.20 of PicoTorrent has been released. PicoTorrent is written in C++ and uses libtorrent like many other clients. PicoTorrent claims to be modern, fast and easy to use. Despite the core being cross-platform, the program is currently only available for Windows. The release notes for this release are as follows:

Changes in PicoTorrent 0.20

  • Rasterbar-libtorrent has been updated to 2.0. This adds real v2 and v1+v2 hybrid torrent support. Yay! †#863#874#883#884
  • Fixed a bug when displaying Cyrillic characters. †#865
  • Removed the minimum size constraint. PicoTorrent can now be resized freely. †#866
  • Added GitVersion to automagically version everything. No more VERSION.txt juggling. †#868
  • Updated the C++ redistributable version downloaded when installing. †#869
  • Added empty columns to the list views to prevent the last column from stretching. †#875
  • Activating the torrent selection (either double clicking or pressing Enter) will open the paths in Explorer. †#877
  • Updated Russian translations – thanks @birkoffe† †#878#881
  • Fixed a bug where the status bar didn’t place itself correctly when restoring from the taskbar. †#880

Version number 0.20
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website PicoTorrent
License type GPL
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