Microsoft shows Xbox Series S with price of $ 299 update

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Microsoft will release the Xbox Series X and S on November 10 for suggested retail prices of $ 499 and $ 299 respectively. Several Microsoft insiders claim this. The first image of an Xbox Series S has also appeared.

Microsoft would hold an event on November 10 where the company would showcase both Xbox Series consoles with their prices. Microsoft has been showing the Xbox Series X since late last year, but has not released anything about the price and nothing was officially known about the Series S.

Microsoft insider Brad Sams is now publishing an image of this entry-level Xbox. The image shows a white, thin console with a black circular grid in the center and a grid at the top. A disc tray for optical discs is not visible in the illustrations. The console has a different design than the Xbox Series X, which has the shape of a tower. The design is more in line with that of the Xbox One.

In a snippet of a video that another Microsoft insider, Twitter user Walking Cat, shows, it can be seen that the Series S is not only narrower, but also slightly smaller when upright than the Series X. The watermark shows the image of Sams and the video of Walking Cat from the same video.

In addition to the $ 299 price for the Series S, Microsoft is launching an Xbox All Access program, according to Windows Central, for which users pay $ 25 per month. The Xbox Series X would be priced at $ 499, but customers could alternatively purchase it for $ 35 per month as part of Xbox All Access. Euro prices are not yet known.

There have been rumors for some time that Microsoft wants to release a Series S variant of the next-gen console. The Series S is said to have a smaller amount of ram, slower clock speeds and less GPU computing power compared to the Series X. Microsoft may focus on 1080p gaming with the lesser computing power of the Series S, while retaining the other advantages of the next-gen console, such as fast charging using an SSD.

Update 09:50: Microsoft has the $ 299 price tag for the Xbox Series S has since been confirmed via a Tweet and says to announce more about the console soon.

Microsoft Xbox Series S rumor

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